We're excited to announce that Biciel has teamed up with Klarna to provide our customers with exceptional financing options.

As well as accepting all major credit cards and Paypal, we're now able to offer a range of flexible financing plans through our special partnership with Klarna.

With Klarna's support, we're making it easier than ever for our customers to invest in high-quality electric bikes and enjoy the freedom and flexibility they offer. 

 Buy now, Pay later without the fees


Klarna is the smoothest way to get what you want today and pay for it over time. Split your purchase into 4 payments, and avoid fees when you pay on time.


No credit impact: Checking your eligibility is quick and easy — and it won’t ding your credit.

- Set up in minutes: Setting up Autopay is easy, all you need to do is enjoy your purchase.

No hidden fees – Ever: That’s why over 1 million shoppers trust Klarna.


How To Buy With Klarna


Klarna splits your purchase into 4 smaller payments. The first payment will be collected when your order ships. The remaining 3 payments are collected every 2 weeks. Spread the cost over 6 weeks, without fees when payments are made on time.


STEP 1 - At the checkout

Shop at Biciel Official Site and select the option to pay with Klarna and enter your payment information. Klarna will do a soft credit check and this won’t impact your credit score. 


STEP 2 - When the order is shipped

Once your order is confirmed and on it’s way, Klarna will charge the first installment. Once the payment has been processed you will receive a notification.


STEP 3 - Every two weeks

Klarna will automatically charge your card every two weeks for the remaining three payments. They'll send you an alert ahead of time.

Manage your payments through the Klarna app or online. Setting up AutoPay to ensure you never miss a payment. Plus, remember, there are no fees when payments are made on time.